5 Ways to Help You Cope With Someone You Hate

Hey Guys!

I'm sure that many of you have had to go through days where you go to college/ work/ school / any other nuisance in your life and you have to be around a person that just REALLY GETS ON YOUR NERVES AND YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN COPE ANYMORE WITH THEIR PURE IGNORANCE AND BIG HEADEDNESS AND YOU LITERALLY WANT TO PUNCH THEM...

That is where this blog post comes in handy!

These are the 5 ways that, when faced with a person everyday that really drives me insane, keep me calm, collected and not wanting to chop their head off.

1. Create an angry 'hate' playlist on your Ipad/Ipod/MP3 Thingamabob

I rely on music so much for many situations in my life. I have a really angry but relatable playlist on my Ipad which I listen to if the annoying person starts to get on my nerves and as I get quite angry when I get annoyed, my playlist has really angry songs on it. Here's mine if you need inspiration:

1. 'Call You Out' - Flyleaf
2. 'White Rabbit' - Egypt Central
3. 'Abigail' - Motionless In White
4. 'You Call Me a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing' - Halestorm
5 'I'm So Sick' - Flyleaf
6. 'Let Me Down' - New Years Day

Usually by this point I'm pretty calm!

Find something that suits you though. There's no point listening to my playlist if you really hate my kind of music! You need something that will calm you down and get you back to feeling normal! For me, this means listening to angry songs but that's not for everyone!

2. Avoid that person at all costs

This one might seem pretty obvious but it's actually something a lot of people miss. A lot of people seem to fuel their own fire by trying to sort things out by talking to them or spending more time with them. Trust me. It doesn't work. If anything it just makes you more angry, irritable and more likely to snap at any minute. Also, taking time out from that person gives you enough breathing space to calm your thoughts and not take it out on other people. That can get NASTY!

3. Always have a best friend at hand

I don't know about you but I always feel that best friends are the greatest at cheering me up. When a best friend is there, hang out with them because they are sure to make you laugh! Luckily, I have very many people whom I talk to all about different things. One of those people is in the picture for outfit of the day and is called Anya and she literally saves my life! The amount of times I've come to her with stupid little worries ( I must get really annoying sometimes ) and shared a packet of Percy Pigs ( special vegetarian ones to cater for Anya's Vegetarianisms... is that a word?) whilst moaning about things that probably aren't that big of a deal. Thank you Anya for putting up with me! I love you!

Also, I have my other life saver friend Samantha (in the picture below with me. I have my hair falls in so look completely different). I have known her since high school and whenever I need a serious goth chat about random things like our favourite bands, things going on in our lives and which rock stars we are gunna marry when we are older, she is the one I turn to to cheer me up! I Love you Sammy.

4. Have something to snack on

So maybe this isn't the best tip on 'how to stay calm' but I always like having something to eat if I'm feeling annoyed. My favourite snack? Wheat Crunchies Bacon flavour! Why? I have no idea but they are crunchy (duh), they taste good and I can take my anger out by munching on them. So find you favourite snack and munch the anger away.

5. Unsubscribe to them on social media accounts

There's nothing worse than their statuses about how great they are all over your news feed or their tweets about stupid things all over your phone. Unsubscribe from them NOW! Don't unfollow them or unfriend them as that can sometimes cause more trouble than it's worth, especially if you see them everyday. By unsubscribing, you can stay clear from anything that will annoy you or make your blood boil!


It was a college day and I was feeling like wearing something simple but powerful. My friend Anya is in this as well showing us a completely different style!

Sorry about the weird close up. Forgot to take a picture of just my make-up, aha.

I'm wearing: 

Red and Black Lace Dress - 'Looks' Store, Ipswich, £15.00
Leggings: Ebay - £4.99
Shoes: Demonia - £128.00
Choker: 'Damnation' Store, Ipswich - £10.49
Bandana: Best DaysVintage - £4.00
Wristbands: Various from Grindstore and Attitude Clothing
Eyeliner: Rimmel London Exaggerate - £5.29
Eyeshadow: Bourjois Paris INTENSE Extrait 10 - £6.99
Eyelashes: Eylure VOLUME No. 107 - £5.39

Anya is wearing: 

T- Shirt: 'Talk Disney To Me' Primark - £12.99
Jeans: New Look: £24.99
Shoes: Peacocks - £10.00


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