New Start

Hey there,

So, I used to own about three blogs but every single one failed and I wanted to start them again but I figured I wanted to just delete them all and start afresh. Lets hope this one doesn't just fall through.

Tbh, if you are reading this you probably already know who I am and what I do but incase you don't, hi. My name is Emily. I perform lots. I'm obsessed with gothic fashion and make up and I spend most of my wages on things I don't need.

Think that covers everything.

What I aim to do with this blog is find topics, talk about them blah blah blah and also let you know what I'm wearing today.... that could sound dodgy.... IT'S NOT DODGY I PROMISE! It's just to show you what awesome pieces of clothing are out and about in this world and also to show you what kinda things I'm into :D

Anyway guys, this was a nice short post about NOTHING. Hopefully next time I'll have something more interesting to say. HA.

 TODAYS OUTFIT.... my batman onesie which I'm not prepared to take a picture of... I'm gunna start this whole outfit thing next time.

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