What's In My Make-up Bag? PART 1!

Hey guys!

I thought I would discuss some of my favourite make-up products with you but because there are so many, I decided to do it in parts! So, here it is!


Lets start at the very beginning! A very good place to start (cheesy musical theatre reference).Your face! I will do another post about my moisturising techniques but here are the products I use to put my foundation base on!

One that you may have seen before in my May Favourites YouTube video and my 'Summer Goth Look' blog post which is the AVON Ideal Flawless foundation in Ivory shade. As I've said before, it is a very breathable foundation. One that doesn't feel like you are wearing a layer of cake on your face and it stays on very well. The shade is also perfect for my skin tone. I have a strange pale skin tone which not many companies can match but this one is so perfect for when I want to look like I have nothing on (on my face that is hahah nothing dodgy!). 

The brush that I use to apply my foundation is the EcoTools Blush Brush. Yes. I know what you are thinking! You are probably thinking that I'm crazy as this brush is meant for blush! Hence the name! However, I really struggled to use normal foundation brushes (because I am strange) and decided to try this brush on a whim and it actually worked! I get perfect, even coverage by using this brush and would definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles with this (I'm not very technical with foundation. I'm still watching a load of tutorials on YouTube to help me widen my knowledge!). Another thing is that EcoTools are a very affordable brand and I have never had any trouble with their products! Really great for if you are like me (a little bit skint!) and need good quality brushes!

The next thing I use (again, mentioned in the summer goth post) is the Real Techniques Buffer Brush and what I do with this is literally brush it across my face with nothing on it just to get rid of brush marks from the blush brush. This is a strange and personal technique that I use as I've never seen anyone else do it. I feel that it just makes my foundation look more natural!!!!
On some of the days when I am feeling particularly spooky and want to pale my face up even more, I use Manic Panic Virgin Pressed Powder. I adore Manic Panic products as they are such good quality but are spooky too! This powder is so easy to apply and what I do is use the sponge which comes with it, lightly cover it in powder and then use a dabbing motion all over my face, using the buffer brush to blend it out and make it look more natural. Always make sure that you blend under your chin as well. Otherwise you will have a pale face with a strange orange looking line under your face!!!

That's it! Those are the products I use on my face! Stick around to see what other items I have in my make-up bag!


I apologise for the bad quality of the pictures this time. I always try to make them good quality but the sun got into these a little too much!

Dress: Pop Boutique - £23.99
Socks: Attitude Clothing - £2.99
Shoes: Iron Fist - £59.99
Hair piece was off my prom dress from Punk Rave


Going with an absolutely classic song from a classic band!



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  1. The manic panic powder looks freaking awesome, I love the packaging! Your room is also super awesome

    1. I really would recommend it! It's such a nice product! and thank you! It's taken years and years to get that full of magazine clippings and posters!!!!! :D