My Goth Essentials!

Hey guys!

Today's post is based around the idea of goth essentials. These are the goth items that I absolutely adore and cannot live without! These things cover everything from a bit of bedtime reading to my fashion loves!

1. Gothic Elegance Long Sleeved Top

I'm sure every goth girl has a top like this in their wardrobe somewhere and if you don't I suggest you buy one immediately! I use this top on a regular basis as it makes a great base to any outfit but also looks great on it's own. It particularly helps me when I wake up in the morning an I have no idea what to wear! A feature that I adore on this top is the finger loops; they make my arms look longer and also give a really elegant feel to it. It's comfy, it's gorgeous and is definitely an essential!

You can get this top from Spiral Direct UK for £16.99

2. 'The Art Of Gothic'

This book is literally a dream come true and is an absolute must- have for any goth/ alternative person wanting to expand their knowledge on their subculture. It has literally got information on EVERYTHING! Victoriana, Steam Punk, Modern Goth, Lolita and Cyber Goth are some of my favourites in this book and it even covers the origins of the gothic subculture which was something I was so interested in! It is also my 'go-to' book for when I'm feeling a little down and need a little bit of inspiration!!!!!!! From music to fashion, this book has you covered and I literally treat it like my bible!

You can buy this book on Amazon for £16.56

3. Stargazer Black Lipstick

Black lipstick is a completely obvious one for this! You definitely need one of these in your bag at all times! The reason I chose to mention Stargazer is because, for me, it's the most affordable and most accessible brands. Nearly every goth and small drug store sells Stargazer and you never have to worry about money. The quality is really good as well. If you want it to stay on for a long time though, I would recommend buying a top coat for it as sometimes the colour can start to bleed into your foundation or lose its full colour. Really recommend this and suggest you get one!

You can buy this in many of the small local drugstores near you and on their website for £3.50!

4. Bourjois Intense Extrait 10 Eyeshadow

Probably the most obvious one here! Black Eyeshadow! Us goths like to be creative with our make-up but most of our ideas start with the one and only colour we trust in completely...BLACK! The reason I chose this brand and product though, is because, again, it is affordable and very accessible whilst also being really good quality! You can find this in nearly every drugstore near you and it even comes with a little compact mirror (I love a good compact mirror!). Definitely a must-have!

Those are my goth essentials! Next blog post will be about my trip to London with my boyfriend! SO EXCITED :D


This is from an Urbex photoshoot that I did with the very talented Collins Photography!

Dress: Poizen Industries - £49.99
Leggings: Cupcake Cult - £13.99
Tights: Ebay -£3.99
Shoes: Essex Shoes - £24.99
Gloves: Claire's - £7.00
Choker: 'Damnation' Store- £10.49
Bandana: Ebay - £5.00
Leather Jacket: Customised from Karen Lear - £15.00


One from my idol and her band Flyleaf!



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