5 Reasons Why I Love Miss Juliet Simms

Hey Guys!

Today, I thought I'd write about someone who has inspired me for a very long time now as I've never really told anyone much about my idols before. This woman has been through so much in her life and she deserves so much more recognition than she has at the moment. She's beautiful, talented and she is also the girlfriend of my all time favourite idol, Andy Biersack (more on my obsession with BVB another day). Yes. Her name is Juliet Simms and these are my 5 reasons as to why I love her and why she is my idol.

1. Her voice is INCREDIBLE

I mean have you HEARD her sing???!!! Juliet has the most incredible tone to her voice. A tone that I have never heard in anyone else's voice at all! It stands out above all the rest and I really wish I had her voice just so I could sing as powerfully as her. The pure quality of it makes my heart melt, meaning I can connect with it so well and it really touches my soul (cheesy but true). Listen to her version of James Brown's 'It's a Man's, Man's, Man's world. Just wow.

2. Her fashion sense is always on point

Yep. No matter where she is, what she's doing, who she's with, she always looks amazing. I'm constantly stalking her instagram profile to see what brands she's wearing, how she has her make up and also what she does with her hair. I swear that girl can pull off any hair style she wants which I am insanely jealous of seeming as my hair just never seems to do what I want it to do.  She's naturally pretty and looks stunning whatever she is in.

3. She can write one hell of a song 

Her songs are incredible. I first heard her music through the band Automatic Loveletter and I instantly fell in love with all the albums and all the songs, especially the song 'Hush' from the album 'Truth or Dare.' There's just something about them and I love picking up my guitar and trying to learn them so I can sing them and share her songs with my friends. The songs come from the heart and you can tell they all mean so much to her and that is something I love. She's passionate and every single bit of emotion comes through into her voice. Her song 'Wild Child' was so fun and the acoustic version of it blows me away. Her most recent EP 'All or Nothing' is INSANE and if you haven't listened to it then you need to go and do that now! The songs are so relatable and catchy (my favourites being the title track 'All of Nothing'  and 'End of the World'... and 'Not Broken Yet'.... and... well... ALL OF THEM) and they are really well produced and created. I was so proud when I saw she reached number one on Billboard's New Alternative Artist and number 4 on Top New Artist!!!!!!!!!!! She really deserves it!

4. She actually cares about her fans

She has always been here for us and genuinely cares about all of us. She takes the time to get to know us and always makes us happy. The picture below is just amazing :)

5. She has never given up!

This is the main reason why she is my idol. She has been through so much in her life and yet she has never given up on her dreams. No matter what has got in her way, her passion for music keeps going. The pressures that Automatic Loveletter had on them from record labels must have been horrible and I followed her story all the way through NBC's 'The Voice' and when she didn't win I was so sad for her. I'm glad that she still has the confidence and determination to make her dreams succeed and I feel with what she is doing right now, it's looking good. I struggle a lot with confidence issues to the point where it has affected my performing and singing but I've slowly built myself back up again and now have the confidence to at least get back up and follow my dreams. This year I did something I never thought I'd have the confidence to do which was audition for drama and music schools in London and am happy to say I got offered a place at London College of Music which I am so excited about. I have to thank my family and friends for their undying support and faith in me but I also have to thank people like Juliet Simms who I look up to, who inspire me and help me to believe that if I work hard enough, anything is possible. Thank you Juliet. Never give up.


I wasn't really in the mood to wear anything too fancy so I just threw anything on:

T- Shirt: 'Bowie 1974' - Got mine on Ebay for £24.00
Skirt: From 'DIVIDED' (H and M) - £12.00
Leggings: Ebay - £4.89
Shoes - Dr Martens - £130.00
Bandana: Best Days Vintage - £4.00
Gloves: Claire's - £7.00
Wristbands: Various from Grindstore and Attitude Clothing
Eyeliner; Rimmel London Exaggerate - £5.29
Leather Jacket: Customised from Karen Lear - £15.00

See ya next time guys!!!

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  1. I literally love your posts. I used to follow your old accounts and was so sad when you stopped them :( Looking forward to seeing more blogs like this !!!! So excited :D:D:D !