The New Bands You Need In Your Life... RIGHT NOW!!

Hey guys!

I have a huge passion for finding new music and supporting new bands as they come through. There are so many out there that deserve a lot more attention than they are getting but if I decided to write about each and every one of them, we could be here for a while! Haha! So, here you have some of my favourites of the new and uprising bands that you should be listening to:

1. The Relapse Symphony

Now, these guys are incredible!!!! I first found them on twitter when they followed me and since then they have become one of my most favourite bands ever! At that point they hadn't quite yet released their debut studio album 'Shadows' but I listened to their debut EP, 'Time's Running Out' and fell in love with them! They released 'We Are the Broken' and again I instantly felt connected to them and loved the song. And then, 'Shadows' came out... OMG IT IS AMAZING!!! Pure rock and roll with a dash of sexiness... actually a lot of sexy that I can't function whenever I think of them and their music... If The Relapse Symphony are reading this then I apologise for how fan girly that sounded. I'm not a crazy fan girl... I PROMISE!!!!!!
 My favourite song on the album is 'Savage Eyes' and I definitely recommend that you go and download it! The album as a whole is incredibly well written. The lyrics are beautiful ('One More Yesterday' being a particularly beautiful piece, especially in the acoustic version when you get a real feel for the lyrics), the guitar playing is amazing and the songs are insanely catchy! There's something unique about the way Bret Von Dehl sings. It's sounds very 'I'm a rockstar and you're gunna believe it' but at the same time its got this amazing unique tone to it which really comes across in the acoustic version of the album. I love his voice. I love him.... I LOVE YOU ALL! Please come to the UK soon guys! Would love VIP tickets to see you!!! Also, make a UK store for your merch!

The Relapse Symphony are now recording their new album. In the meantime, go and download 'Time's Running Out,' 'Shadows,' and 'Shadows (Acoustic Sessions)' on iTunes (through Standby Records).


I see many bands come and go through the 'Introducing' pages of Kerrang! I usually try to remember their names and see if they crop up in the magazine again in the future but unfortunately some of them never do come back and by that time I've forgotten their name which is a real shame. PVRIS were a band that I first saw in the 'Introducing' page of Kerrang! and when reading the article I thought that they sounded incredibly interesting. I kept their name in mind and wrote their name on my list of bands to look at (yes, I do do that). They were quite near the bottom of the list to start. I wasn't too fussed but their name slowly started to appear more and more and more in Kerrang!, Rock Sound and many other music magazines. When I saw them on the cover of Rock Sound, I thought I definitely needed to bring them up to the top of my 'to listen' list. Thank God I did. 
PVRIS are a band that mix electronic with rock which is something I had only ever come across once before in Versa (VersaEmerge as I first knew them) and when I read in Rock Sound that Versa member Blake Harnage had worked with PVRIS on their awesome debut album 'White Noise' I was so happy! The album features popular first single 'St. Patrick' which I really connected with as I was going through I rough time when I first heard it.  However, my favourite song is also another popular one of theirs called 'My House.' In this song, I really feel that it shows the true power that PVRIS have as it completely overwhelmed me the first time I listened to it and I haven't stopped listening to it since. I literally listen to that song at least once everyday! All together the album is powerful and catchy. Lynn Gunn's vocals are stunning and the layering and electronic experimentation helps to make each song as individual as possible! The amazing hands of Harnage have worked wonders with this band and I am incredibly excited to see what comes next!

'White Noise' is currently available to buy on iTunes (through Rise Records).

3. Dorothy

These guys are a band that a lot of you may not know about so much as the others. Whilst I found the others through twitter and rock magazines, I found this band by hearing one of their songs being used on an advert for an MTV show (I think it was 'Ex on the Beach 2?) and it took a lot of research to find out who they were. I had to listen out for lines of the lyrics in the song and type those into google and that is when I found them. The song I'm talking about is called 'Wicked Ones' which you can find on their new release DOROTHY EP. The band name is actually named after the front woman herself which I always find a bold but risky move. However, I feel that this band will go really far! With vocals so powerful they could kill, this is definitely a band that will leave a lasting impression on you!

'Dorothy' is currently available to buy on iTunes (through Claray Records).

4. As It Is

I found this band through Patty Walters (of course hehe). I am a youtuber and have always loved watching other youtubers on there and I found Patty after I was looking up 'Pop Punk' covers of different songs and his came up! I've been a loyal subscriber since! 'As It Is' was then in the 'Fresh Blood' pages of Kerrang and I was incredibly proud of all of them! They are actually the first British band to be signed by Fearless Records (and I like a lot of bands on Fearless) and this makes me SO HAPPY!

Their single 'Dial Tones' is catchy yet hard hitting at the same time. A song that is about hurting the person you love to follow your own dreams and ambitions. This is something that I personally connect with as I am leaving where I live in 4 months to go and follow my dreams in London, leaving behind my boyfriend, family and friends who I will not see very much of. I already spend a lot of my time on the go and know that it is going to be really hard for me to leave them behind but also hard for them to stay in contact and keep up with everything I'm doing. Anyway, back to the song. As I said, it is insanely catchy and you will find it running round your head for days on end! They recorded their debut album 'Never Happy, Ever After' with James Paul Wisner in Florida and it has just been released into the wild for us to listen to but I have not done so yet. I'm gunna go do that now and I think you guys should do the same!

'Never Happy, Ever After' is available to buy on iTunes (through Fearless Records).

5. Icon For Hire

This band have been around since 2011 when their debut album 'Scripted' came out and I found them two years later when self titled LP 'Icon For Hire' was released! I fell in love with Ariel's voice and the lyrics, guitars and general feel of this band as soon as I listened to single 'Off With Her Head' (and the music video for this is pretty damn awesome too). With a chorus that I feel everyone should be singing, this song is insanely catchy and boasts huge vocals and quality guitar playing (I'm very passionate about the quality of guitar playing in recordings). 
Other single 'Get Well' is a song I can really relate to. It is a song about (in my opinion; I'm not too sure if this is their definition of it) not fitting in with the stereotype of my genre and wanting to have a healthy mind and body and accepting the help given to you. I have many friends who are offered help and never take it and this is something I have never understood. I was glad when I heard this song that I was not the only one thinking this.
Another favourite from 'Scripted' is the song 'Theatre.' As many of you know, I am currently studying Musical Theatre and this song is all about 'acting through life.' It's about being who someone wants you to be instead of being yourself and then the chorus shows the desire to be yourself. So even though this song actually has nothing to do with Musical Theatre, it is an awesome track and you should definitely listen to it.
Their newer album, 'Icon For Hire,' has a more electronic feel to it than the last BUT IS STILL AWESOME! 'Cynics and Critics,' 'Nerves' and 'Pop Culture' are songs that stand out but the song that I love is 'Sorry About Your Parents' which is about someone who constantly moans and makes out like their life is so hard on them but knowing that you, yourself, have gone through just as much but keep it to yourself.
They are a stunning band who deserve so so so so so much more recognition. I LOVE YOU GUYS! KEEP GOING!

'Scripted' and 'Icon For Hire' are both available to buy on iTunes (through Capitol Christian Music Group and Tooth & Nail Records).

Okay guys! Those are the bands that YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO CHECK OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! I hope that this has helped anyone who is bored of their current music library and just needed something new!


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