Beauty and Lifestyle Haul! (MAC, Inecto, Simple and more!)

Hey guys!

Right, I am SO sorry on the lack of posts this month! I'm coming up to my end of year assessments at Uni and I've got a TONNE of coursework that I'm trying to catch up on so all of my blogging time has turned into essay time. But I'm making a quick return and I thought I'd show you guys what products I've been buying recently! Hopefully it won't be too long until the next post!


1. Inecto Naturals Coconut Moisture Cream

I came across this pot of beauty in my local Savers shop and I've fallen in love with it!. The cream has a light scent of coconut which is refreshing yet not too overpowering and when applying, it doesn't feel too thick or too heavy. It is perfect for dry skin (which I have) and my body feels completely re-hydrated after using. You only need a small amount of this cream to feel like it has done it's job which is brilliant because I am broke and need to cut corners where I can! You can find this product in 'Savers', 'Bodycare' (Superdrug) and 'Home Bargains' for such an affordable price (only just over £1).

2. Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser

Of course, Simple products have to be included here! I'm a big fan of Simple products and I've used the Cleansing Facial Wipes every day since I was about 14! Simple are one of those few brands that I wholly trust putting on my face. I have quite sensitive eyes and skin on my face and I can get some bad reactions to products if im not careful! This facial moisturiser is perfect after a long day or even to wake you up in the morning. Non-scented, it gives you a light and free facial cleansing and your skin feels super afterwards. Its not thick or heavy at all and really allows your skin to breathe! You can get this for £1.99 at Tesco or any other leading supermarket.

3. MAC Pro 'Studded Kiss' Matte Lipstick

I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited to be writing about this!

Over Valentine's Weekend, my boyfriend took me shopping in Soho and Oxford Street and I decided to do my usual 'look around and cry at how expensive everything is' in the MAC store. However, I'd been feeling a bit blue during the week so I thought WHY NOT JUST BUY SOMETHING! This lipstick is actually a beautiful deep red (even though this picture makes it look brown....) and of course, being a MAC product, it is perfection. Really buttery and easy to apply, this MAC product is everything I dreamed it would be. I probably don't need to 'recommend' it to you because it's MAC BUT I would say that this shade is perfect for a glamorous night out or a date with a special someone. This lipstick can be found online at  or in the MAC store for £15.50.


1. Hamley's Panda

As I said earlier, my boyfriend came down to London to see me for Valentines and me being the big kid that I am dragged him in Hamley's Toy Store to experience all seven floors of wonderfulness. The first thing I spotted was this gorgeous panda toy. He (I've decided he is a he) is so soft and cuddly and I always believe if you are on your own, a cuddle with a soft toy is one of the greatest therapies you could ask for. I decided I'd come back to him after we'd been round the whole store (I'm broke so wanted to be sure of what I bought) but after looking at the many floors and again, crying at how expensive everything was, I went back to the panda and my boyfriend offered to buy me him. I also got to meet Po/ Kung Fu Panda with my friend (shout-out alert) Sam Lee.

You can tell I'm in my element!!

You can get this panda at Hamley's store or online for £25.00. It say recommended age is years '3-14' but I'm 19 and couldn't care less!

2. Choccywoccydoodah Chocolate Lips

I've always been a massive fan of the show on TV and so glad that they have their London shop as I would never be able to just pop down to Brighton! The chocolate in this is such good quality and all hand crafted by their own very talented chocolate chefs (I don't know the technical term). Their cakes are ABSOLUTELY INSANE  and it's completely astonishing to me that they are all sculpted entirely out of chocolate. If you haven't watched the show, definitely check it out and see the amazing talent!


Luke gave me the most perfect Valentines Weekend. Got to see Bury Tomorrow and Parkway Drive live  AND I GOT TO MEET DANI FROM BURY TOMORROW WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!


The ONLY decent picture I have of Parkway!



Dress: Bat Royalty - £34.99
Socks: Attitude Clothing - £5.99
Shoes: Bat Royalty 'Bat Boots' - £70.00
Bandana: Best Days Vintage - £4.00




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