February Wishlist - Things to Buy, See and Aim For

Hey guys!

Quick note first: Just wanted to thank every one of my readers from every country for all your support!The blog is one year old this month and recently, the views have been going out of the roof and I feel so blessed that you are taking the time to read my blog. I know sometimes it can become a bit jumbled because I'm a goth blogger who blogs about almost everything but I love how accepting you guys are. Also thank you for all your follows on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. It means so much!

This one is a short and sweet blog post about the things I'd really like to do/ buy this month! 

Killstar WWW Knit Sweater

(Photos from AttitudeClothing)

I was thinking the other day about my goth clothes and realised I don't actually have any goth 'lounging around' clothes! I really want to be able to look goth, feel goth but be comfortable haha!
I am OBSESSED with Killstar clothing anyway so the fact that this sweater is from Killstar makes it even better. The only thing that makes me sad is the price. Being a broke student often means I can't afford new clothing and I have to rely on vouchers and sales to get me through. This sweater costs £44.99 so looks like this is going to have to wait awhile.... I can dream....

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Pictures from: shop.jeffreestarcosmetics.com

Again, I am obsessed with Jeffree Star and his incredible cosmetics company. His creativity and skill level is beyond belief. When I first heard of his Velour Liquid Line I immediately wanted to check it out but unfortunately two of my favourite shades are out of stock and have been out of stock for ages (sad sad sad sad face). The two shades above are Drug Lord (White: Out of Stock) and Weirdo (Black: Out of Stock). They are by far my favourite shades and my wish for February is that they come back in stock so that I can buy them!

The Danish Girl: Movie

Picture from: www.reveal.co.uk

I am absolutely dying to see this film! After seeing the trailer, I fell completely in love with the concept and story line as it is based on two completely real people and I was intrigued to see into the mind of Lili Elbe. People should be accepted for who they are and who they want to be and this film looks like it will bring the power and emotion that so many people can connect to. I have many friends who identify as a different sex to the one they were born with and hope that this film brings more recognition to these feelings and help them to be accepted.

Goal: Add a Song to my Soundcloud!

Me performing at a gig with my old band

I bought a new condenser microphone so I'm going to aim to record something and add it to my soundcloud! I really want to focus on getting an EP out this year!

Lots of things to do in February!!!!! Let me know what you are up to on twitter!


Sorry about awful quality!

Dress: Attitude Clothing - £44.99
Bandana: Best Days Vintage - £4.00




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