Last Week at Uni, Christmas and New Year! LONG POST!


Hey guys!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year! Sorry I haven't been more active this month but I decided to take the time to relax with my family and boyfriend over the holiday's and get back to blogging in this new semester! Starting off with my last week at uni before the holidays, here's what I've been up to:


Sleepover in the Hub

Monday 14th December was pretty average in the day. Had a uni class then came back to my student halls thinking I was in for a boring night. However, I was invited down to the hub to see some new friends but I ended up staying down there a LOOOOTTTTT longer than I had expected. I had an assessment the next day and was aiming to get an early night (by early I mean in bed by 3am at least) but Lewis had the idea of actually sleeping in the hub and I agreed to stay down there!!!! We pushed all of the orange sofas together and decided on a movie (Pitch Perfect of course! Most if not all of them were musical theatre students). We had a lot of us down there and for some reason started pretending our student halls was 'Big Brother' and acted out nominating and evicting people (we are performing arts students, don't judge). We started with 10 people but only the hardcore three stuck it out and actually slept in the hub! These three were me, Lewis and Will - I've mentioned Will before and he has a facebook blog which you should follow here:

AND HE HAS STARTED YOUTUBING LIKE ME but he's better at it than me. Go and subscribe to his channel here: 

I felt like a bit of a rebel (not gunna lie) as I did have an improvisation exam the next day which required me to use my brain and I only got about 4 hours sleep!

Photo Cred: Will

Christmas Dinner

After a stressful exam day, my lovely friends decided that we would have a group Christmas dinner. I can't cook because I am a failure of a woman (not that women should be expected to cook) so my friends cooked the stressful stuff and I stirred a pot here and there when they needed some extra hands. The food was delicious and I was so grateful that I had such amazing friends that can cook all this food! Fair to say, by the end I was very full and we ended up saving the left over gammon for sandwiches the next day! One of my besties also has a blog and it is amazing! She is my make-up and life-style guru! Go check out her blog here:

Look at my friends being all on fleek..... then there's me on the left looking confused

After a hectic last week and running round all the flats delivering Christmas presents, cards and goodbye hugs, it was time to go home to see my family and boyfriend.

College Gathering

My friends from college decided to have a gathering and it was so good to see them all again. They all seem to be doing so well with their current adventures! Thanks to Anya and Jordan who had to put up with a horrendously drunk me. I was so tired in the morning that I left my Bat Royalty dress there. Hopefully, I can get it back soon! 

Christmas Day

I was lucky enough to be able to spend the whole Christmas period at home with my family. Usually, I'm working so I didn't take any of it for granted. My mother cooked the most DELICIOUS  Christmas dinner and I had the best day! I slept and ate a lot which resulted in me not being able to move for a couple of days but apart from that, I felt fabby!!!!

My Mum's trifle is TO DIE for!!!!!

I'll be doing a post about these items another time!

Gorgeous gifts from my Boyfriend

New Year

I didn't really do much in terms of a 'New Year' celebration. I stayed in with my boyfriend and watched the fireworks in London on TV (you would have thought now that I live in London I would have actually gone down to see them but I was in my hometown instead haha). Two days later though, we had my work company's annual staff party! Was good to see a lot of people that I haven't spoken to in awhile! People from my old work I don't think I've seen in over a year and people from my current work I haven't seen since August so it was nice to catch up with all of them and spend my final night partying before heading back to London the next morning bright and early for a limber session (dear Lord help me).

I'm now patiently waiting for Semester 2 at uni to start. I've got so much planned for the next few months it's unreal! I'm seeing Parkway Drive with my boyfriend in Brixton, watching Book of Mormon on the West End with Will (Congratulations to my friend Reece for getting into the cast!!!!!), exploring Camden with Benedikt and also my birthday on Sunday! Still have no idea what I'm going to do for it!


Sorry about the awful quality. I'll probably re-do this outfit at some point so you can see the outfit clearer!

Playsuit (Underneath): Primark - £12.00
Corset: Dracula's Clothing - £60.00
Skirt: Ebay - £5.00
Tights: Ebay - £8.00
Shoes: Bat Royalty (Iron Fist) - £70.00



I recently had a discussion with my German friend Benedikt about our favourite music and he showed me some german bands that he likes and I completely fell in love with this song. I think it is such a shame that this music doesn't get the recognition it deserves just because it isn't in the English language and hope that you, my followers, will give it a listen and apprectiate it. 


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  1. Ich geh da hoch und Streich den Himmel neu...
    ich geh da hoch und mach die Sterne scheu :)

    Nice Blog :) looking forward to see you again in a week !!!

    1. Looking forward to seeing you too!!! Have fun back in Germany!!!!