I Took a Break/ Kat Von D Make-Up Palettes!

Hey guys!

So, as you can see I took a long old break from the blog. Unfortunately (as much as I tried to keep up with it and I said I would), my drama school life became very focused, challenging and demanding and all of my attention needed to be on my work. Over Christmas, I returned home and now I'm back to start the new year with a post which I hope will be the first of many regular posts on this blog!


If there are any companies that would like to work with me on anything this year, whether it be looking at your new products, testing them or wanting to know my opinions, please see my 'Keep In Touch' section to the right of the blog and you'll find my email and all of my social media profiles that you can contact me via!

A sad note - I'm so sorry to see Austin Carlile leave Of Mice and Men. You readers will know that Of Mice and Men are one of my favourite bands and I'm so glad that I got to meet them before Austin decided to leave. Austin always does so much for his fans and I truly understand that his health comes first! I hope that Austin continues to create music (I know he said something in his leaving statement about singing and creating) and I know he will continue to inspire people all over the world from Costa Rica!

Kat Von D Palettes!

In the last month, I have managed to get my hands on two Kat Von D Eye Make-Up Palettes - Chrysalis and Shade and Light. I was so happy when the Kat Von D Make-Up collection made its way over to the UK as I've been wanting her make-up for ages but the shipping costs were too much! Chrysalis was a present from my parents for Christmas and Shade and Light I managed to get by using a voucher I redeemed from the survey engine Toluna! This is not endorsed post so all opinions are my own.


This is probably the prettiest make-up palette I have EVER owned; its a mixture of blues, pinks and pale shades- not usual ones for me but they are shades that blend very well with black (what shade doesn't). It has nine colours (Tornay, Entombed, Graphic Nature, Black Milk, Melacholia, Glasswing, Transion, Mezzanine, Hybrid Moments) and three base colours (Lifelike, Lunar Lights, Lucid) and they are SO SO pigmented it's unreal! They are a mixture of matte and glitter shades so perfect for 'party' make-up looks.

As you can see I've already used it!

My favourite colours are most definitely the blues! I used these shades for a New Year's Eve and they blended so well; they also stayed on all night even though I forgot to put my setting spray on! Using my new Spectrum 'Siren' brushes, I used 'Entombed' as my lid colour, 'Tournay' as my transition shade and then 'Graphic Nature' as a base/highlight. You barely need to put any product on the brush because of the HUGE amount of pigment in them (which is good because that means that it'll last longer). Definitely hit this palette up as it suits everyone (well I think so anyway :)).

Shade and Light Eye Palette

ERMAHGERDDDDDD!!!! So, I have wanted this palette for SO long it is unreal; pretty sure it has been on my wishlist for a year! This is a nude make-up palette which you can use to make smoky eye looks as well as contour your eye shape. I hate the shape of my eyes sometimes so I love that I can use this palette (as well as the little insert that comes with the palette explaining how to change your eye shape) to get the look I want!

Again, I've already used it!

So this palette (like chrysalis) has 9 shades (Samael, Solas, Lucius, Saleos, Shax, Liberatus, Succubus, Sytry and Latinus) with 3 base colours too (Laetus, Lazarus and Ludwin). If you look at the picture above, you'll see each base has three shades underneath; these are the different 'Quads' of the palette. Starting from the left we have the Neutral Quad, the Cool Quad and finally the Warm Quad and you can stick to one quad to make a look or you can mix them up to try and create your own looks. Again, the shades are so pigmented so you don't need much product on the brushes. The texture of these eyeshadows is literally like velvet and it feels so light on your skin! Also, I congratulate Kat on getting the BEST black eyeshadow I have ever come across. I have so many black eyeshadows but none of them come out the truest black without having to put about 5 layers of black eyeshadow base but with this, I think it could easily be black without any eyeshadow base (however I use it as a primer so I would wear it anyway ahah). I would describe it as THE perfect nude shades make-up palette and urge any smoky-eye fanatics to get this!

I hope to get more Kat Von D Make-Up (the whole collection would be great but STUDENT PROBLEMS) and I'll definitely be posting when I do!


Sorry for no full lengths - another problem having been busy! This was what I wore on Christmas Day!

Top: Killstar - £29.99
Fisnet: Primark- £2.00
Choker: Claires- £5.50
Skirt: Primark- £6.00
Tights: Ebay: £8.00

Make-up was done using the Lime Crime Venus II Palette.


You're Not Alone - Of Mice And Men

Sending love to Austin Carlile


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