About Me

Hey! My name is Emily! I'm 20 and I'm from a little seaside town on the East coast of England! Now a student at London College of Music!

My music taste is incredibly extensive! I'm passionate about rock and metal music but love so many genres and performing as well. I play guitar and sing and hope to share my message of love and self belief on stage with you one day. I am at my happiest when I'm on stage performing to an audience. However, I can't do that 24/7 (as much as I would like to) so while I'm not on stage, I love to blog, scour the internet and share my findings with you here. I also enjoy modelling and love finding new clients to work with! As a typical goth, 'artsy' modelling is the obviously the type I do most but I have extended my modelling career into clothing and catalogue modelling which is so new and exciting for me :D .

Modelling for Midnight Coven Crafts Clothing Line
I love vinyl, music, make-up, gothic things, gothic clothing, vintage clothing, record stores, enchanted forests, fairies, villains, Disney, horror movies, romance movies, Aneurin Barnard, Andy Biersack, my boyfriend Luke, modelling, rocking out, metal, headbanging, loving the planet, falling in love, bats, cats, musicals, Phantom of the Opera, plays, fashion, leather jackets, keeping fit, dancing, singing and any other random things you find on this blog.

I Love You All!