Wigaholics! (Wig Review)

Hey guys!

I was feeling really uninspired for the last few weeks and being broke REALLY did not help with that but I came across this gorgeous wig company, Wigaholics, online and figured I'd give them a try. I was actually looking for a new wig company because as much as I love my regular online shops that I go to, I like to try new things and also new styles of wigs! It turns out Wigaholics was having a sale and I managed to find a beautiful teal and black one. Teals, blues and aquas are one of my favourite groups of colours for wigs as they actually suit me!!!!! APOLOGIES FOR THE REALLY BAD PICTURES I WAS JUST TOO EXCITED AND TOOK THESE REALLY QUICKLY AFTER UNI.

The official name on their website for this gorgeous wig is Teal Blue Long Curl 60cm and it is exactly as described and looks exactly like the wig in the picture. The first thing that struck me about this wig was how incredibly soft it was. I've had so many other wigs that were kind of soft but none as beautiful as this. The other thing is, it isn't shiny which is so good as I've had so many wigs come and they've been so so shiny which makes them look unrealistic but this one is beautiful and looks so much like it could be real when wearing it! The colours mix so well together and as you can see from these pictures it is a BEAUTIFUL colour, shape and style.

With each wig you get some amazing free gifts which I didn't even realize when I bought it!!

The first is a wig stand. This is probably the best gift for me to receive because I now have so many wigs and used to only have one polystyrene head before this came a long. I like to give my wigs some airing time the night before I use them just so that any kinks they've gained whilst being in storage can fall out and any styling that needs doing can be done (again apologies for the rubbish photos).

A wig brush was the next thing. Brushing your wig with normal hair brushes can be too harsh on the synthetic hairs used in wigs and I always hated having to use them on mine. Wig brushes need to be wide tooth and anti static. I was so happy when this brush came through so I can finally brush my wigs properly.

A NEW WIG CAP!!!!!! My current wig caps are slowly falling apart so I've really needed a new one. This wig cap is slightly different to the ones I usually get but it actually works quite well. It is shaped like a hair band and you pull it over your head so it is around you neck then pull it up and around your hair...... That probably makes no sense reading that hahahhahaha.

Lastly, I have some green bobby pins to match the wig colour which is brilliant!!!

With the sale on, this wig only cost £9.66 meaning I got all of this amazing stuff for £9.66. The one thing I would say though is that the shipping cost a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT which is a real downside as the wig is beautiful and all of these gifts are so brilliant!

Definitely go and check out the website and sale! There is such a wide choice of wigs and I'm sure you would be able to find one to suit you and for any occasion!!!!!


Top: Primark - £5.00
Shorts: H and M - £10.99
Tights: Party Packs - £2.34



This new song from ADTR is incredible!


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