Juliet Simms 'End of The World' Music Video! *Spoilers*

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Many of you have probably read my '5 Reasons Why I Love Miss Juliet Simms' post and I am glad to say this post if all about her again!
As lots of Simms fans know, her music video for my favourite song of hers,  'End of the World' came out recently and IT'S SO AMAZING THAT I JUST NEED TO WRITE ABOUT IT :D . Beware though, if you haven't watched the music video (if you haven't already then WHAT ARE YOU DOING), this blog post does reveal what happens at the end of the video.

The video starts with Juliet in a beautiful dress made by the fabulous Ritual Clothing (I would buy all their stuff but I am sooooo poor) in a place that is dark, small and filled with what I think is tree roots. I figured that this was something to do with her being in a dark place inside her mind; somewhere that is hard to escape. She looks stunning and I am INSANELY jealous of how beautiful she is in everything. I have never seen her look bad in anything! There's a quick snap of Andy Biersack on the ground which is kinda a premonition of how the video is going to end up (I know the song very well and know it's a tragedy so wanted to see what happens).

The chorus kicks in (beautiful chorus filled with heartache and really shows Juliet's incredible voice off) and images of Andy and Juliet cuddling and kissing and doing cutesy things appear. I think I heard a million fan girls' hearts break in that instant (I can imagine it sounds something like BOOOOMMMMCRYWAAAAWHYISN'THEMINE). Well you guys can all cry whilst I get on with watching this video hahahah. Anyway, I think these images give a really fresh and romantic feel to the video and definitely shows the pure love that these two have for each other. It's beautiful and the sunlight behind them is just.... gaahhhh it's so pretty!

At the end of the chorus we see Andy on the floor again. My thought process was WHY! WHAT IS HAPPENING HEREEEEEEEE!!!! JULIET IS NOT ON THE FLOOR ANDY!! I was so eager to find out what was gunna happen.

Juliet's voice starts to pour out heartbreak. I've said before that I adore the tone of Juliet's voice and it really starts to show in this verse. 'Slept on your side of the bed, replayed the things that I should have said' is sung with such honesty and sadness that it makes you just want to bawl your eyes out.

The second chorus comes and we see Andy and Juliet fighting (le cry) and Andy chasing after her trying to get her to come back and talk to her. Obviously, this is so sad to watch because of how beautiful their relationship is. Andy is a very good actor (this is coming from someone who is studying Musical Theatre ATM and is going on to study Acting at London College of Music soon) and his acting isn't over the top or cringey but very subtle and perfect for this part of the song. Juliet really starts to give it her all now with her voice, belting 'tears will fall' and 'I know that life will go on.' I wasn't sure what was gonna happen as I thought the song was about someone leaving Juliet and her surviving with the heartbreak (this I can totally relate to as I'm sure many people can) but all is explained in the next few seconds of the video.


The softer part of the song comes in and we see Juliet looking sideways and then pushing Andy off the road they are standing on as a car hits her. The tree roots mentioned earlier all of a sudden made sense to me and so did the story of the video in connection with the song. My view on it is that Juliet is living in a place that's far away (maybe the next life?) and the tree roots maybe represent her being buried and living in 'a life without love'. She knows that she'll survive in this new life but she misses her love ('no signs of life without you here') and she feels like the world has come to an end for her. It could all be from Andy's point of view as well though, as he would obviously feel that in the moment when he loses Juliet that his world ends and he knows that his life will go on but without her, it will feel empty. 

NO JULIET :'( :'( :'(

Things get dark as we see Juliet being covered in blood. This was probably one of my favourite moments of the video as it's not over done and is beautifully filmed and edited. It was when I saw Andy cradling Juliet in his arms that I started to well up. The feeling of losing someone is awful and his acting is superb. Again, it's not over done and is incredibly subtle and heartfelt. 


Juliet belts the last 'I know that life will go on' with all her heart and the song ends with Juliet pulling a black veil over her head  (I think probably my most favourite moment) representing the loss of life, love, mourning and the (cheesy saying coming here) 'veil of life' shadowing over her as she moves into the afterlife.

The fact that Juliet didn't win The Voice over in the USA still shocks me. The tone and quality of her voice is outstanding and she never fails to amaze me. The fact that no record label or any music biz people helped her out with money for this is so strange and it was all fan funded. She has always stuck with her fans until the end and I'm so glad that we could all help her to make this album and do what she does best. I hope she continues to make excellent music and hope that she gets the recognition she deserves.
If you haven't already, go and download Juliet's EP 'All or Nothing' which features this track and many other amazing tunes. :) We love you Juliet :) and you too Andy.

I could have made a reference to Juliet being a 'black veil bride' and the end.... but I didn't... but by writing this I kinda did. Dammit. Well, yeah I said it.


I wore this to my friend's birthday ball :) Happy Birthday Soph!

Dress: Ebay- £120.00
Shoes (Sorry forgot to take a pic of them on me!): Hades Shoes: £119.99
Jacket: Ebay- £40.00
The hair piece came on the dress... I just decided to wear it as a headpiece.
Eyeshadow: Bourjois Paris INTENSE Extrait 10- £6.99
Eyeliner: Rimmel London Exaggerate- £5.29
Lipstick: Stargazer- £3.99
Also wearing my Pandora bracelet that my mum bought me for my 18th :)

Make-up Design by the Youtuber Toxic Tears!

I'm sorry about how long it's been since I last posted. I've got all of my final assignments to do and also rehearsals for the production of Avenue Q that I am appearing in as 'Lucy the Slut.' I promise I will post again as soon as I can!


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