My Day as a CAT Student: Spring Showcase!

Hey guys!

Many of you who already know me know that I am part of the DanceEast CAT ( Centre for Advanced Training) and I train with them every Sunday and Tuesday. For those of you who don’t know me personally, you now know that little bit of info haha. Anyway, every now and again we get to perform a piece of work that we have created by working with a choreographer over many, many weeks. This term we were working towards the ‘Spring Showcase’ and this happened last week so I thought I’d share with you what I got up to and also to show any people thinking of auditioning for the CAT what a performance day is like for a CAT student! Here goes…

So, obviously I started the day by waking up (duh) but I am just gunna skip to the important stuff. On a show day, I like to have a good breakfast as I need plenty of energy and 'brain-food' for the day ahead. My breakfast on Saturday happened to be French toast and orange juice which maybe isn't the healthiest of things to eat but I don’t really care because it was yummy and I needed food!

Next, to start my hair...

Now, you guys will never see my natural, frizzy hair (I hope) so I decided to skip taking a picture of that stage and go straight to the part where my hair is all lovely and straight :D. 
To straighten my hair, I use Babyliss Pro 235 Elegance Straighteners which you can buy at Selfridges for £80.00. I really recommend this product to anyone who needs to buy some new straighteners and doesn't know which ones to get! They are smooth, kind to the hair and really fast to heat up to the temperature you need. The highest temperature is obviously 235 degrees (which is the one I need to tackle my ridiculously frizzy hair) but my hair never feels like its being damaged and they are never sticky or bumpy to use! These straighteners also come with a really cute storage bag which I absolutely adore and it is so good for other uses as well, such as a sophisticated night out!

To give my hair the protection it needs, I am currently using the TRESemmé heat defence styling spray which is currently being sold in Boots for just £3.25! Again, I really recommend this as it never makes my hair feel sticky or crispy and always helps to keep the hair as straight as possible against the stupid, hair destroying weather we have over here. RAIN! JUST DISAPPEAR AND STOP TRYING TO DESTROY MY HAIR!... Please?! 

I will be trying a new product soon though which I found in Boots the other day and that product is the L'oréal Paris Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray INTENSE HEAT! It looks fantastic and I can't wait to try it! I will update you guys on how it goes when I get round to using it!

Back to my day... I then take a quick test run of my performance hair just to make sure that it looks okay and also to see whether I can actually do the hair style.

After packing my bag and making sure that I definitely have everything (because forgetting things is a common problem for me), we are on our way to the DanceHouse! My mum and I always have a cheeky bit of music on in the car and this time it just happened to be 'Bat Out of Hell' by Meatloaf which I absolutely love!

I arrived (slightly late because again, this is a common thing for me hahah) and got changed into my costume. A quick look of the schedule when I arrived meant that I knew where I had to be at all times on this day.

We were the first technical run of the day so there was time to just run a few things outside the theatre and then we had to go straight into our tech run!

I didn't have enough time to take a picture of the theatre as we were very busy and needed to stay on schedule!

When the tech run had finished, we had a quick break to regain our strength and BREATHE (I was quite tired tbh. I AM SO UNFIT).

Straight back into the studio after the break to clean, polish and perfect the dance and correct things that went wrong in the tech run. 

After an exhausting morning, we then had lunch. WOOOOOOO FOOOOOODDDDD :D . Now, I was feeling rather healthy on this occasion (which is just not me at all... ) and got a chicken salad from the café
 in the DanceHouse. The café is really cute and comfy and the food is always good (I eat way to much of it).

Our next destination was Red Shoe Studio A for a relaxing Yoga session. We look at yoga on regular Sundays and it always helps me to relax during stressful days. Safe to say, this yoga session was perfect! I will be posting more about yoga in the posts to come so will talk more about it another time!

We used our second break as another short rehearsal and then IT WAS THE WAIT FOR THE SHOW. In this time, we touch up our make-up...

and re-do our hair (cause we made it all messy through rehearsals)...

and took WAY too many selfies!!!!!!!!!1

THEN IT WAS SHOWTIMEEEEEE!!! Our piece was called 'Inconstant Tide' and I feel like I danced really well in both of the shows that we did!!! I really enjoy being on stage. I don't really know why and I don't think I ever will but I love it and I hope that the future brings me many professional jobs on the stage! 

On the way home, we had a quick stop at Mcdonald's because, well, why not? Haha.

After the shows, I was really shattered and to be honest, quite sad it was over. My time with the CAT is coming to end after 7 years of training with them and I'm gunna miss every single one of these people! I've grown so much from my experiences with the CAT. Joining as an 11 year old kid who wanted to be a dancer, I've come so far and my career path has changed so much but they have steered me in the right direction and I can't wait to start my training in London in September! Thanks guys. You're the best!


Today, I went for something goth but with a vintage touch!

Jacket: Best Days Vintage - £15.00
Top: H and M - £9.99 (if I remember correctly)
Shorts: Forever 21 - £21.00 (in the sale hahaha)
Leggings: Ebay - £4.89
Shoes: Topshop - £79.99
Hat: Claire's - £16.00
Gloves: Claire's - £7.00
Bandana (on wrist): - Best Days Vintage £4.00
Eyeliner: Rimmel London Exaggerate - £5.29


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