T.M Lewin ~ Presentation to Pub (One Big Outfit of the Day!)

Hey guys!

I know it has been SO long and I apologise for that! A lot has happened in this last month and I can FINALLY concentrate on this again! I've moved back to Suffolk from London for a while and am now working full-time at my old job again!

Before I start this post, I just want to say that I am not paid or sponsored by any companies that I feature on here. These are all my own, personal opinions and I am not endorsed by any of them!

A while back, I was emailed by T.M Lewin and they asked me to write a post about my ideas of an outfit that can quickly be changed from work to 'night out.' I thought a lot about what I could do with this and came up with this outfit idea. Although it doesn't look 'much,' it's comfy, simple and very easy to put on after a days work!

My cat, Ziggy, photobombed me!
The concept is very simple. Thinking about business, the first piece of clothing that came to mind was a shirt. This was the start of my outfit idea. In my outfit here, I have a shirt but it has added slits in the side and the front; these are slits that can easily be hidden by a skirt or trousers whilst at work meaning you wouldn't have to change shirts over after your day.

This particular shirt was from H & M and was in their sale for £10.00.

Underneath this, I just put on a comfy pair of cycling shorts that I got for about £1.00 on Ebay. Yes they are not the most AMAZING looking things but they are so comfy and if you have had a long day at work and don't want to be stressed out by an uncomfortable pair of shorts, they are perfect.

The tights are £8.00 from Ebay as well. They are something to really add a quirky edge to the outfit and liven it up a bit since it is all black. They are cute and are so simple to just slip on.

The shoes are from Bat Royalty (£70.00) but they are now all currently sold out. The reason I picked these shoes is because you can take the bat wings off meaning you can easily transition them from plain, professional shoes to quirky, interesting shoes. The wings literally take a minute to lace on and they are small enough that you can just pop them in your bag and take them with you!

The hat I thought would be a fun addition to this. When I used to go to college in Colchester, I would go to this little shop called Best Days Vintage which I did a blog post on a while back. They do so many different items and I used to buy something every time I went in there and one of those was this hat that I have had it ever since. Check out Best Days here!

My earrings are from a beautiful company called Liquid Breed run by my dear friends from the shops Damntation/Absolution/Requiem in Ipswich. They are the most beautiful people with beautiful items of clothing which you can find here! I thought these add something really special to the outfit as they are edgy and stand out and are obviously easy to put in so perfect for after work!

As I mentioned earlier this was all inspired by an email I was sent by T.M. Lewin and I am so glad that they asked me to take part in this! T.M. Lewin is a great place to find affordable yet functional clothes that have the transitional appeal!! They have a range of both casual and smart clothes for women here. As well as a variety of suiting and separates for the men! 

I hope you guys loved this blog post and I'll hopefully see you really soon! Any questions? Leave them in the comments or head over to my instagram (@ylimekookey), Twitter (@mooseinthehuuse) or Facebook under 'Emily Cordell.'



This girl really is my new obsession despite not being rock or metal!


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