The Local Band That You NEED to Hear....

Hey guys!
So, quite a while back I went to a 'gig' thing where I live called Pararocks and it is where 4 of the local bands from my uni perform. There was a band that really stood out for me and I thought I would feature them on here!


I would have used their real logo but I wasn't sure whether it was appropriate for some of my readers hahahaha

LADY POCKET IS: Danny Smartt, Jamie Lee, Matt Sloan and Alex Shave.

Strange name aside, these guys were completely not what I was expecting. They were the first band on and I assumed (stupidly) that they were going to be another indie rock band that sounded the same as everyone else. HOWEVER, they started playing and I have never been more surprised in my life. Singer Danny Smartt has a voice that can cut anyone and is quite unique. I was not expecting the scream that came to come out of him AT ALL. I was so surprised but it got me interested immediately.

They have an incredibly interesting sound inspired by the likes of Dinosaur Pile-Up, Weezer, Rueben, Pulled Apart By Horses and Foo Fighters and I liked the set that they gave as it showed so many different sides of them; some of the songs were screamy and in your face and others were calm and collected. They have a very dark intrigue about them but also incredibly open and you feel like you could listen to their music either at the park on a sunny day or equally in a dark room shut off from the rest of the world.

Technically, this band is TIGHT! Matt Sloan showed throughout that he's got what it takes to be an incredible drummer, showing skill and leading the band throughout. Alex Shave and Jamie Lee both brought the band together and added their own inputs to the songs they were playing and Danny fronting the band with the kick-ass vocals that I mentioned earlier. All of them show through-out technicality that I can only dream of as well as many of them being multi-talented.

Stage presence was another thing that really stood out for this band. Everyone gave it 100% and I was intrigued all the way through by their performances although I did feel really sorry for Danny's knees at the end when he slammed (awesomely by the way) to the floor. The energy that these guys gave made you want to jump up and join in!

(From Left to Right) Alex, Danny, Matt and Jamie

These guys have a facebook page which you can access here:

and a SoundCloud (Little Robot is my fave on here!):

Definitely give these guys a look over and if you are in the area go to one of their gigs! Their next one I do believe is the 13th of May at The Goodship, London (all details on their Facebook page).


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