Book Review: The Dark Heroine

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I decided to try something new and review a book for you guys! I recently finished reading the book 'The Dark Heroine: Dinner With a Vampire' by Abigail Gibbs and thought I would share it with you guys as I don't know many people who have read it. (All opinions are my own and I have not been sponsored or endorsed to say anything about this book.)

If you like vampires,gothic locations and romance then this book is perfect for you! I came across the book in Waterstones when I was trying to kill some time before college (that seems like years ago now.... It's only been 5 months....) and I had been given a book voucher for my 18th birthday (thank you Alex :D ) so was searching for books. I kinda mooched (is that a word?) around the store and came to the fantasy section where I found this book. I read the blurb and it seemed right up my street! It is about a girl called Violet Lee, a seemingly innocent teenager who lives in London, who gets swept into the dark world of vampires and the Varn Family after she sees them fighting a group of their human enemies in Trafalgar Square. Most importantly though, she meets the gorgeous Kaspar Varn, Prince and heir to his father's throne and through meeting him her life completely changes. When she gets caught up in a political war between her father and Kaspar's (the King) she must decide between holding her ground as a human or being tempted into a life as a vampire with Kaspar. There's romance, death, attacks and sex but most importantly a love that seems cannot be but is actually part of fate. I can't say much more without ruining the plot and giving too much away but that is the basic story! I would explain why it is called 'Thd Dark Heroine' but, again, it would mean spoilers.

My favourite characters? Definitely Kaspar. He is the definition of sexy (very much my type). He's mysterious, tormenting and a lot of the time quite mean to Violet but he also has a romantic side and a sorrowful side which makes you just want to cuddle him (well, I would want to because I'm a goth but I don't know about you). I also adore Violet. It's nice to finally see a strong female character in a vampire novel that is not a drip (not mentioning any name *cough cough Bella Swan*) and her strength, determination and sheer power over her own decisions even when being pressured by beings much stronger than her are all things to be admired. She, out of all of the characters, felt the most real to me (not just because she is a human though!).  My other favourite characters included Fabian (another vampire who likes Violet) and Autumn Rose, a sage and who I believe the sequel is about.

The story is a little bit predictable but there are still several points in the storyline that completely take you by surprise and the writing is incredible. There are a few grammar and printing mistakes in there ('death ears' instead of 'deaf ' ) but apart from that the writing itself is very good quality!
One thing that annoyed me? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM WHEN WE GET TO THE END!!!!!!!!!!!! I was left with so many questions and I really hope that Gibbs writes another book which circles around Violet and Kaspar as I know that the next two books are about other people/beings.

All in all? This book is a definite 10/10. I haven't had a book this gripping in a long while and I really recommend that you all go and buy this incredible book now!


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