Body Jewellery Shop Samples!

Hey guys!

Last week I spoke to you guys about a make-up brand and this week is a jewellery brand! The brand is called Body Jewellery Shop and you can find the link for them here:

Body Jewellery Shop has some amazing Ear Piercing Jewellery for all sorts of occasions and they were kind enough to send me two pieces of jewellery, both of which I love!

The first of these products is this gorgeous Silver & Steel Lobe/ Tragus Bar:

It's simple, .It's pretty and it is comfortable to wear! (please excuse my stupid facial expression and how tired I look. I had just got in from university so wasn't look my best!). I love the fact that even though it is technically a tragus bar piece of jewellery, you can use it for lobe piercings aswell! I only have my lobes pierced and so love finding small pieces like this to wear in them. This product is only £2.95 (BARGAIN!) from the company and you can find the link to this product here! 

The other product that they sent me was this beautiful Ear Piercing jewellery Silver and Steel Helix Bar - Rose:

This is probably my favourite piece out of the two products as its so delicate and detailed. It's light to wear and looks gorgeous when wearing it. Like the tragus bar, even though it is a helix bar, it can be used as a lobe piercing bar and it looks so pretty and gorgeous on. It is perfect for a night out when you want something more than just a stud but nothing too overpowering. I often wear this one to uni as its pretty but not so noticeable. It is only £4.95 (again BARGAIN) and you can find this product here!

I really would recommend Body Jewellery Shop as all of their products are gorgeous, safe and affordable! Each of the pieces are beautifully crafted and can be good for any occasion.

I know this has been a short and sweet post but unfortunately uni work is getting on top of me! I'm also trying to design a new look for the blog and can't wait to try and find some new styles for you!


Sorry about the appalling quality of the pictures!

Playsuit: Primark - £12.00
Tights: Primark - £5.00



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