Try-Day Friday! Dia & Co Inspired Post

Hey guys!

A while back, I was challenged by Dia&Co to create a look that is slightly out of my comfort zone. Dia&Co give a curate shopping experience which is delivered to your door and they are exclusively for sizes 14 +. They are incredibly encouraging when it comes to body positivity and this is why I decided to write this post as body positivity is something which I have struggled to find but am now finding ways to be happy with who I am! Especially with my style, I sometimes find it hard to find the confidence to wear such 'out there' clothing.

When I found out about their 'Try-Day Friday' challenge, I was so eager to be involved. Try-Day Friday is a challenge which encourages people to create a fun outfit that they feel is out of their comfort zone. There have been so many occasions where I have created an outfit for a night out and then have completely changed my mind because I start to feel self- conscious and not able to go out. This challenge has really helped to boost my confidence and I have created an outfit that I normally wouldn't wear out!

My trainers and step ladder obviously decided to join this fuzzy picture!

So, lets pick this outfit apart! The fishnet top is actually an old pair of fishnet tights from Primark (£1)! I was wearing them as tights and the middle split so I cut the feet off and turned them into a top! They are perfect to wear underneath things like t-shirts and tops to give them an edgy feel!

The black bra is from New Look (£12.00) and the Bralet is from BooHoo (£10.00). The bralet had been on my wishlist for such a long time and I was lucky enough to have it given to me as a birthday present from my Mumma! I paired it with the bra as it made me feel so much more confident!

The skirt is from Primark but I got it from Ebay for £6.00 (YAAASSS). It is literally the most versatile skirt I've ever owned and I love it so much! It's got the most beautiful black lace on it and it is the perfect skater skirt for any outfit! The chain is actually from another skirt made by Restyle; it's on safety pins so I tend to take it off and use it on lots of things!

The tights are literally my most FAVOURITE thing in the world. They are made by Pretty Polly and only cost £8.00. They are cute, they are quirky and I love cats so I feel like I always have a cat with me when I wear these! They add something to the usual 'thigh high' look and so many people have thought they are tattoos on my legs haha!

My platform boots! I never get the chance to wear these beautiful boots so this seemed like a good time to show them off! I got these for £21.00 (I think) from Ebay and they just add something to the outfit. They really pop and stand out because of how much black I am wearing! They are incredibly hard to walk in though so I have to be careful when I'm out!

My hair is the wig 'Winter' from Lush Wigs. These guys are my favourite wig company- their wigs are the best quality! They are soft, styleable (is that a word?) and look so much like real hair. The actual wig style is usually a lot longer but I bought a new one and gave my old one a chop!

The choker is from Claires (£5.50) and again, I feel it adds a nice, edgy touch to the look! My necklace is from Etsy and my boyfriend has the other half!

The make-up I kept pretty simple! I didn't want to do anything too extravagant that would take away from the outfit! Eyeliner is Rimmel Exaggerate and lipstick is Lime Crime in Black Velvet.

This is an outfit that I normally wouldn't wear and puts me really out of my comfort zone but I absolutely love it. Whatever your style or size, I'm sure there have been moments when you have loved an outfit but have been too scared to step out of your house but I want to encourage everyone to wear whatever they want this Friday and wear it with confidence! Everyone is beautiful in their own way so give yourself some loving and embrace who you are!

Thanks to Dia&Co for inviting me to take part in this challenge! If you wanna check them out, just click the logo below!




I was such a fan of the book when it came out and I absolutely adored the movie! I found this song so amazing and wanted to share it with you guys!


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