Long Time No See... Day to Night Make-Up

Hey guys!!

SO SO SO SO SO much has happened since I last spoke to you guys and I apologise for abandoning you for such a long time. I've moved back to the city and the amount of work to do has just piled up! I then became really ill for two weeks which completely held me back as well! But I am now back and I have plenty of posts for you to read and enjoy!

The first of these posts is a 'day to night' make-up transformation. I love simple easy transformations and when I was challenged by Vegas.com to create a look inspired by Vegas and their hotels, I jumped at the opportunity. To help me get the 'Vegas' look, my very talented friend Alexandria (who also has a blog) came over to help me create these looks.

Vegas.com offers a range of different hotels all with a variety of day and night things to do. Each hotel has things such as glamorous restaurants, nightclubs, pools and parties so you are sure to be busy all the time whilst staying in one of these hotels. If you think you'd like to travel to Vegas soon, definitely go and check out their amazing deals and packages here!

These looks are inspired by the Venetian Hotel on the Vegas.com website. I loved the classy element this hotel has and used the colours from this hotel to inspire the look.

Day Look

We did have a pinky lipstick in this too but when Alex left for her haircut I smudged it and then couldn't get the right lip shape back so thought I'd just go bare! Hahah! I thought the browns in this look really go with the Venetian hotel and feel like this could be a great look for a relaxed lunch or sunbathing by the pool.

Night Look

All I did to change to this look was I added a very light layer of black eyeshadow (from the Maybelline Nudes Palette) to make a slate grey colour, Urban Decay Lip liner and Lipstick in the shade Peversion and waterline is filled with Avon Gel Stick. This night look adds a little bit of my own personal style whilst also still being true to the Vegas style!!!

I really hope you like this simple blog post with a day to night transition! Stick around for some more posts coming much sooner than it has taken me to get this one up! Thank you to Vegas.com for your patience in getting this post up! Please be sure to check their hotel packages and deals if you are planning to go to Vegas anytime soon!



I was lucky enough to meet these guys last week!!! I will be writing about that experience in a post to come! Hope Austin gets better soon though.


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